Our Guarantee

Who we are and what we're about

We are confident in our products and stand behind them with our 100% Palatability Acceptance Guarantee! 

We are glad you came and look forward to proving to you, our customers, why we are the industry leaders at the science of palatability!

Pala-Tech is focused on the development of beneficial product formulations for use in companion animals.  Our team consists of experienced, highly ethical professionals at every level of our organization. We focus on our products being produced at the highest levels in our industry, and strive to exceed them through analytics, consistency and quality ingredients! 



Every product is supported with our unique 100% Palatability Acceptance Guarantee.  The guarantee is simple: If a pet does not readily consume a Pala-Tech product, the company will willingly replace the product free of charge.  Therefore, there is no risk to using a Pala-Tech formulation with dogs, cats or horses...Pala-Tech guarantees the pet owner's satisfaction. 


Welcome to our website!  Pala-Tech Laboratories is a wholesale distributor of veterinary pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements.  Our products are sold exclusively to licensed veterinarians ensuring products are used in accordance with a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship. 


At Pala-Tech Laboratories we hold quality to the highest standards.  We consistently require our manufacturers to meet cGMP regulations ensuring only quality ingredients are used, ongoing analytical testing, batch-to-batch product consistency and ultimately safe and effective products for companion animals.  

The end result is products veterinarians can trust to use routinely with patients in their day-to-day veterinary practice.