Clinic Resources

Veterinarians and their practice staff are the key individuals to provide the best health care information and advice to their pet owning clients. Pala-Tech Labs has prepared client educational brochures to help you in this endeavor that are readily available for use in your practice with your clients. Below is an overview and a copy of these available resources to help you educate pet owners about the benefits of using these products for the improved health and well-being of their pets.

To order any of these brochures, please go to the “Request” page of our website and provide your contact and mailing information. Let us know which brochures you would like to have mailed to your clinic.

Column header image of either a dog, cat, or horse.
Tricky Treats™ with MOS MAX®

Improve dosing compliance and ensure complete dosage consumption to generate better clinical results using Tricky Treats to administer pills, tablets and capsules in dogs and cats. This brochure describes the benefits of Tricky Treats for hiding medications, but also explains the many benefits delivered by MOS MAX, a unique prebiotic to enhance the pet’s immune system and aid in normalizing the entire gut’s microflora. Tricky Treats with MOS MAX is the ideal product to recommend to your clients for use as a daily, rewarding and nutritionally beneficial treat. (50 brochures/cellophane wrapper)

Column header image of either a dog, cat, or horse.
Canine Joint Health

Keeping dogs healthy and mobile is an important part of the overall wellness and care provided by veterinarians. Focusing on joint health and the prevention of osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease in dogs is critical for their long-term health. Recommending beneficial and effective joint health supplements will help keep dogs mobile, playful and part of the family. Pala-Tech’s Canine Joint Health supplements are a musculoskeletal supplement providing the essential nutrients to maintain healthy joints and muscles. Choice of dosage forms and cost-effective. (50 brochures/cellophane wrapper)

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